A Good Beginning

April 26, 2012 at 9:43 pm

SantaRosaAnglicans.org is off to a good beginning. So far the site has received 80 visits from 35 unique visitors.  What do we learn from this? We learn that there are some people interested in finding an Anglican Church in Santa Rosa.

Daily Site TrafficThis is a very encouraging start for a brand new site without any advertising supporting it.

We hope that word will get out about our interest in starting a new church and that someone will want to be the first person to help start the ball rolling.

One of the things we teach about church planting is that it is only as difficult as you let it be.  The process we teach is enjoyable and stress free from the start.  Our prayer is that everyone involved in our new churches will find joy in their efforts and immense satisfaction in the results.

So today we are encouraged by this start and wonder who will be the first person to call Fr. Ed McNeill on his cell phone (408.674.2770).  Will it be you?